The activating lightworker. More than just an Empath.

Waves of people are realizing they are Empath’s, but there is more going on than that. The human conscious mind is evolving rapidly, allowing people to experience things they had not before, or experience things they had forgotten about as a child. The world is seemingly an odd place for many people as they experience many unexplainable situations. 

There is a huge influx in lightcode activation happening right now. Lightcodes are information we are programmed with in our DNA. It holds all our spiritual truths, past, present, future, ancestral information and even holds our abilities and Karmic debts. 

Lightcodes come “online” in evolution in all species on earth. This has a lot to do with the Gamma rays that are penetrating the earth at this time. In history, all evolution occurred during massive exposure to Gamma rays, just as we are right now on this planet. 

2018/2019 have many activations taking place of Lightcodes. Some are also being taken “offline” in this evolution. Abilities in the awakened communities are changing and many that are consciously asleep will wake up. 

In the big picture of things, people whom are Empaths are learning this is a gift, not a curse. Many people that had suffered as Empaths are being guided to empower the gifts and do good with them. They are learning that it’s part of much more. They are becoming activated in their purpose and are being guided to understand their abilities to use as tool to help others at this time. Lightcodes that are activating in people globally are bringing lightworkers online. Lightworkers are souls with the very important purpose to transmute negativity and help the people heal. They are an illuminating light of hope during a time of uncertainty. Their jobs are really important. 

A very small part of a lightworkers ability is the tool of Empathy. Empaths are lightworkers. Lightworkers can also be healers, intuitives, psychic, mediums, and a large part of the magical community. It’s all in their toolbox to get the work done. Their job is to heal trauma on this planet through their abilities to channel pure Christ Consciousness Light. They are direct lines to source. 

Lightworkers are the “good guys/gals” on the planet. However, the good often combats the bad and lightworkers tend to have to deal with a lot of crap in their life. Lightworkers can turn life’s shit into sunshine. As a lightworker myself, I often refer to myself as a “shit alchemist”. 

As lightworkers come online during this evolution, here are some things that occur. 

- vertigo 

- autoimmune 

- sensitivity to foods

- noise in the ears (unexplained)

- changes in vision (unexplained)

- repeating numbers especially 911

- intense dreams

- strange synchrony 

- inhanced intuition

- psychic experiences

- massive static

- unexplained physical phenomenons

- mediumship 

- unexplained healing abilities 

- abilities to hear thoughts

- seeing colours around people 

- anxiety 

- moon phase sensitive 

- geomagnetic sensitive

- seeing ghosts 

     (not the same as mediumship) 

- seeing shapes and codes

- heightened sensitivity 

-strange back discomfort prior to new abilities 

There are many more, however these are common in many people. 

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