"our journey is like learning to play a fiddle. There will be times we are really bad at it, there are times that we will miss a note, but as long as we keep trying and learning from our mistakes, we will soon learn how to play with perfect harmony"


~ Kristy

About Kristy


Hi there, Thank you for visiting my website! I am Kristy and I am a Spiritual Medium, an intuitive and an empowerment coach. My passion is helping people empower themselves and find their inner truth and authentic self. I have written and published a very unique and affective oracle called "Bad Day Oracle". 


I discovered I was a medium at a young age. I had no idea at the time that I was communicating with the dead. I actually was labelled as crazy throughout most of my life. Turns out I was just tuned in and I didn't even know it. I truly learned my gifts when I went on my own healing journey and health crisis. 


After trying to find help that actually HELPED me, I almost gave up all together, battling depression, sickness and incredible loss.  Then I started cluing into the strange things and started to write them down. Over a period of time, I noticed there was truth to my writing, answers and information that I could have no possible way of knowing. It was just there and it was true.  


The door started to open with ideas and answers and dreams to all of my questions. I would wake up at night, just knowing things. I would get everything validated after looking into my notes from journaling all these different things that had been happening. This led me to Tanya Blaney, my first mentor and a very VERY gifted teacher in Calgary. I will never forget the day she told me what was wrong with me in these words: "whether you like it or not, you are a psychic, you are a healer, you will be able to read people and heal people with touch".....  My first thought was YEAH RIGHT! I even told Tanya that I thought she was crazy! But, as I have learned, I was wrong and she was right! Tanya started me on my NEW journey, and delivered the tools I needed to take control of my life. I can honestly say that Tanya saved my life and truly gifted me with hope, control, validation, love of self and the map to the right path I needed for my journey. 

Since beginning this journey, I have been blessed with many teachers along the way that I am forever grateful for. My focus of study has been on holistic wellness, self healing, depression, anxiety, trauma informed, somatic experiencing, quantum healing, lightcode activations, empowerment, ancestral & lineage healing, regression reading, environmental influencers to health, herbal & crystal therapy, auric field repair, moon phase healing and traditional ancestral methodology healing, journey work, animal communication. There has been so much more, in my field of study. I have taken information from all areas of training and study to create a Personal Evolution Classroom called Evolve 2.0. This class is focused on integrating all I have learned into practical and informative content that is workable into daily life for anyone ready to begin healing themselves and be part of a likeminded community. 


How  do I receive messages:

I hear full on sentences. I receive messages as interruptions of my own thought, emotions, feelings, through touch, and taste. I just know stuff.  Sometimes it is pictures or symbols of things but mostly it is words being said in a sentence that I can hear in my mind. I am able to connect to spirit with just a first name, I do not need to be sitting with a person to receive messages. This is why I can offer readings all over the world and successfully have delivered incredible healing mediumship & intuitive readings on the other side of the world via audio file,  webinar and WhatsApp. It is always an exciting experience to do readings internationally. 2020 I have decided to retire from offering private readings via phone and in person, and focus on teaching & mentorship.


My understanding and ability is continuously growing each and every day. I have found new passion in holistic healing through Medicine Person Work. My courses and intuitive healing services reflect a revolutionary collective of many historical & modern healing techniques blended together.


Through my own studies I have focused my studies on learning about the Soul's human evolution through my work and have paired healing with studies of historical events, ancestral healing, trauma informed, and healing imprinted karmic infractions from imprinted evolution and wounds on one's soul. My work as a spiritual medium had taught me that sometimes people hurt and they don't know why. My work helps people  learn and heal themselves through empowerment of their wounds and guiding them to learn what is theirs to heal.

I wanted to say thank you to all of the people that have supported me, and helped me on my journey. Thank you so much to all the Souls in the spirit world that have led their loved ones to find me. I am honoured that you picked me. Thank you to all the people that listened to the inner-call to book with me. I am forever grateful that you are part of my journey.

Much love,

Kristy L Kilik

Spiritual Medium





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xo,  Kristy


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