In Person Reading

I had my first reading with her and I was amazed. There was no way she could have known some of the things that she did. I was always skeptical before, but she has made me a believer.

~JM from Alberta, Canada

In Person Reading

My reading was amazing. I have never felt so good. Thank you, Thank you. My heart is a lot lighter and I physically feel better as well! You are amazing! XOXOXO

~B from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

I woke up feeling excited about the reading I was receiving that morning. What messages were going to be presented to me? During the reading I had moments of joy, had a few tears in my eyes and I had chills all over my body at times. The words that she spoke touched me in ways that no one would ever know. The confirmations that were passed through her left me with the feeling of yes I am on the right path in my journey of life. And yes I do believe, know & feel my loved ones are right by my side <3 I thank you Kristy for your gift and the clarity you have brought me!!

~J from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

The reading I had with Kristy left me speechless but at the same time I couldn't wait to share the messages she delivered. I got off the phone feeling energised. I went back into the wedding reception I had left to take her call (yes, she crashed her 1st wedding) and had myself a drink of rum (like I had planned before my reading) but it was also said in my reading to "have a rum for me" I've had reading in the past but Kristy was by far the best. So many things made sense, quotes that came through were quotes that I say to myself on a regular basis. I could go on, but one absolutely has to experience this for them self. No words can describe. Kristy, you truely are AMAZING!!

~JK from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

absolutely amazing! such an awesome birthday gift, i will definitely be staying in touch with her as well as recommending her to everybody! :)

~K from Alberta, Canada

Chat/Posted Reading

She is AMAZING! She knew things about my grandpa that I didn't know until I talked to my mom. I had tears rolling down my cheeks and was completely blown away!

~S from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

I'm truly grateful for the amazing reading I received. Unbelievable spot-on about things known only to me and my loved ones who have passed. I feel so blessed with the gifts that have been given to me, and would highly recommend this lady to anyone wanting truth and clarity. Thank-you again so very very much. Love and light to you always.

~T from Alberta, Canada

(posted) Reading

(same as email reading)

I LOVED my reading! It really made me feel at peace about a lot of things. Knowing that my loved one is watching over me like that makes me feel happy! I still cant get over the things that were talked about! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! It will for ever be held very close to my heart!!

~M from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

My feedback in christy's reading was so on. there were some details that nobody would know other than family and i'm from new brunswick now living in alberta. the reading i got from christy was from my grand mother margeret. christy saw spaghetti on ceiling. well my grandmother would throw spaghetti on the ceiling if it stuck it was cooked. then she brought up a toaster my mom was cooking toast in the toaster and my mom had stuck a knife in toaster while on and the toast caught on fire lol oh my was my scared. i cant wait to have a person on person reading with christy that was a phone reading and when christy did the reading she so direct and clear. thank you christy for bringing such great memories back that we seem to forget.:)

~A from Alberta, Canada

In-Person Reading

 I started a spiritual path 19yrs ago , with quite a few readings. It had been a while since my last reading and had been thinking of finding someone to see for a long while . It comes to you when it should .everything happens for a reason :) ! Seen kristys page on a Saturday and had an appointment Monday !!! Profound is how I explain this reading , I knew I have abilities myself but Kristy had me show them to her .. Blessed to have the company of such a beautiful person ! & thankyou I'm forever grateful .  :)

~T from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

My first ever reading was with Kristy over the phone. I woke up feeling very nervous and afraid that morning, but after speaking with her I felt a strange sense of calm. She was able to provide me with the answers and insight that I needed. She picked up on a lot of little details that confirmed who was coming through to speak with me.

~L from Alberta, Canada

Phone Reading

Wow! What incredible insights and truth! My reading was so accurate and done with such grace and light. It's very clear you do this with love and because you genuinely want to help people in their lives. Thank you for helping me see a clearer picture for my questions. I'm ready to run back into life with eyes wide open. Thank you! ❤️ - Amber