The Empath healer

Empath’s are healed by animals. It’s really no surprise by now as being an Empath is pretty common, and most Empath’s are drawn to  animals or nature to feel better. 

It’s challenging as an Empath to consume their healer. It’s a sacrifice to healing on a cellular level of protein. Many Empath’s that have mediumship abilities need to have high protein diets to recover their energies that are drained from them daily. Meat is a source of healing to a medium. The catch is that empathic mediums can feel the emotion of the protein they consume. Even as a remedy it can cause trauma without knowing why. 

As a child, I could feel animal emotions, pain and compassion. I was an animal medium. It was traumatizing as my father was a butcher. One of my chores was helping with slaughter day. Sometimes I would have to run the loader of the tractor to hoist the animal after it was shot and slit to bleed out. Or help skin the animals hide off. It was absolutely hell feeling the soul, the trauma and emotions. As an Empathic Medium I could feel animal emotions like they were my own. Horror and fear would get stuck in my energy field until I grew into adulthood and completely shut down all of my emotions. I learned not to let any emotions in or out. Even when my father became ill with cancer twice in my childhood and passed when I was 19, there was no feeling. 

Undeveloped Empath’s either feel to much or feel to little. Empathy is a gift to the world. It initiates love and compassion. Animals can bring the best out in a person which allows Empathy to shine. Not only as emotional support, but the protein heals the body too. 

I am still learning how to heal my trauma as an empathic Medium and I am using animals as my therapy. I’ve learned that some animals that cross our paths are a form of a spirit guide. Some animals have the ability to activate something inside us. It is healing. 

As I learn and evolve my knowledge I will be sharing my experience and teachings with h my Evolve classroom community. Stay tuned. 

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