What is Saturn Return?

When you are born, Saturn holds a specific to you position in the sky. In the world of astrology, it holds significant meaning to your soul purpose and your Saturn position at birth. Saturn will show you to face your struggles and can teach you what your struggles are. Saturn is the planet of your Karma. 

Life is simply a place to evolve our soul and grow. You could call your presence here on Earth being in attendance to the school of life. Saturn gifts you with your own maturity. It directs you to changes you need to face and it can sometimes be challenging if you are resisting your own truths. 

It takes 28.5 years for Saturn to orbit back to begin an alignment to the exact position you were born. At this time it takes about 2 -3 years to activate and begin to implement changes and course correct your journey to what your soul has come here to do. It downloads to you activations that you need to take on the next 28.5 years. 

Big changes occur during Saturn Return. 

At around the age of 28- 31 people, struggle with the Return of Saturn. It can be a struggle. Mid life crisis can be a real b*tch at the age of 57-60 when Saturn comes back around again. Every Return brings maturity to the soul and spiritual/ emotional change. 

Saturn will encourage you to do some soul searching. That’s not always a bad thing. 

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