Healing with Rosemary

Did you know fresh rosemary is a powerful holistic remedy for clearing negative energy attachments to ones spirit. It’s also great to help relieve one from experiencing night terrors that are caused by negative energy attachments. There are many ways to use rosemary. Here are my favourites.  How to use rosemary to release negativity: 1st option: Place a spring of fresh (organic preferred) rosemary inside of your pillowcase before you go to sleep. Let it do its thing and remove from your pillowcase in the morning.  2nd option: Place a piece of fresh rosemary in a medicine bag and carry on you. I suggest adding a piece of Kyanite into the pouch. 3rd option: Use in a salt bath. Use 2 tbsp of Epson salt or Himalayan salt with several separated springs of fresh rosemary. Add a few drops of essential oil such as vetiver, lavender or lemongrass. How to dispose of your used rosemary springs: 

never put in the trash. You always want to respect all energy and all tools that offer you medicine to heal yourself. It is a good practice to compost respectfully. You can place it in a potted plant (I have plants that I put all of my used tea and medicine herbs into and they THRIVE). You can place in your garden or back yard designated area. If placing plant medicine outside in your garden, it is a great practice to bury it or place it to the east. East is the direction of the medicine wheel that honours new beginnings. When you dispose of your used plant medicine, you are turning it to a new energy. This is honoured facing east.  

Enjoy working with the plant medicine of rosemary!


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