Intuition Workout: left card or right card?

Intuition is a magical thing. We use it for everything, yet are surprised when we learn how intuitive we are. Your intuition is the tool that helps you navigate life through vibration. It shows you what to be aware of around you that will help you with lessons and personal evolution inward. This intuition will help you see what you have going on inward. Some may argue this is not resonating, however if this information was not resonating to your intuitive nudge, your intuition would not have guided you to click on it in the first place. If you disagree with what your intuition guides you to see, you may just be working on that in your shadow and are not aware yet that you need the wisdom you are seeing. It takes practice to be aware of your intuitiveness.

Let's see what your intuition guided you to today. Choose a card you were first initially drawn to pick, and read its message to you.

The LEFT card:

If this was your first choice, your intuition brought you to the message about seeing a bigger picture. Your viewpoint is unique to you, and no one else can see the world like you can. Your truth is only your truth, and your lens on life is the only a reality that you can see. This is true for everyone. Including the people that have differences from you. Remember you are a being that exists in your own little bubble of an auric field, and so does everyone else. The message you need today is to stay away from being defensive. If you are feeling in disagreement to someone else, there is a reason you were guided there. Your perspective is trying to grow, you must let it. Let your guard down and try to understand what the other person is trying to teach you. Perhaps their perspective on the situation sees more that you can. Or perhaps you are needing to learn to understand their view so you can teach them about what your view point is. Either way, every person is right in their own reality. Disagreeing does not need to be a fight. Remember that if you feel resistance, or the feeling that your opinion is superior, there is something you can't see yet. Learn to see the other side of your perspective, there is big medicine there for you.

The RIGHT card:

If this was your card choice, your soul is speaking loud and clear through your intuition. It is time you embrace who you truly are. No more pretending you like things that you don't like. No more pretending you don't like things that you really do like. No more doing things for other people that you feel really crappy doing. No more denying yourself of your authentic truth. You are a seriously amazing human being, and your soul is calling you to wake up and see yourself as so. Your light is trying so hard to shine in all aspects of you. Even where it is dark, your light is bright, the only one that can't see it is you. Embrace your true essence on this journey, and learn to love who you truly are. The more you embrace your true self, the more you will fall in love with your illuminated self. Once all the false ideas of what you pretend is you has dissolved, you will see yourself in a whole new light. This is a truly magical time for you. If you pay enough attention, you will see your own transformation into a butterfly.

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