Intuition workout: left horse or right horse?

What is your intuition guiding you to today?

Let’s find out. Choose a horse, the one on the left or the one on the right? Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Left horse 

If you chose this horse your intuition guided you to the message of focus and determination. Perhaps the world around you is challenging you and maybe even judging you for your choices and decisions. Remind yourself that you are able to persevere through to victory if you stay grounded and focused on your own truth. As tempting as letting emotions get the better of you, keeping your cool and stay focused in logical thought. This will get you to your goals quite easily. You radiate confidence when you stay cool and collect. The world responds to you instantaneously.

Right horse 

Sometimes we need to defend ourselves to feel better. Sometimes the emotions just have to come out, especially if we carry so much on us. Your intuition is guiding you to make boundaries for yourself so the world doesn’t feel so heavy on your shoulders. There is a point in time that you will need to accept and trust the healing process within you. This will mean you will endure a serenity of heavy emotions. Remind yourself that you can’t control what others do to you, but you can control how you respond and what you allow yourself to endure. Big soul medicine is on its way to you. 

Both horses

If someone must be right all the time, someone else must be wrong. Put the shoe on the other foot a moment. It’s not fun being wrong all the time. Evaluate the situations around you and see all views. Not just your own. 

Thank you for taking part! I hope you enjoyed it! 

Much love,


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