Intuition workout: what are you guided to?

Using your intuition, pick the item you are drawn to. You may be led to 2 items or more intuitively. You are guided to an item because your virbrational frequency matches the vibration of the message. The message is paired up to an item as an anchor. Much like an oracle card or signs you receive from Spirit. 

Let’s see what you’ve been guided to receive as a message today. 

Number 1.

Desert Polychrome Jasper. If you are drawn to this your message is a validation that you’ve discovered (or are about to discover) something new about yourself. This quality attracts kindness and aligns you to feel anchored and grounded and happy. The hardest part of opening yourself up to recive great things to enter into your life is your unwillingness to let go of past patterns or hold onto fear of the unknown. (If you hold fear, you likely looked at item 3 as well as a possible choice in this workout). If you chose this desert polychrome Jasper, you are learning to work with what you already have. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to experience greatness in this lifetime. Simplistic is key as you enter a new phase of you. 

Number 2.

If you chose orange your message is that on the outside, things look fantastic, your perception in the view of others is flawless and you may have envy pointed at you. On the inner workings of you, there are many obstacles. You are healing emotionally from the inside out. Taking old patterns and nurturing yourself to wellness by planting new patterns of thought and filling yourself with new emotions to take the place of what has held you in emotional pain. This will be very successful if you stick with it. Your power is within you. Not what others around you do to you or make you feel. You are the one whom governs your own personal power. It’s your time to allow the inner workings of you to accept an overhaul to a more desirable condition of emotions. 

Number 3.

Kanji stone. The message you’ve been guided to tells you to be courageous. The unknown is only a dark and scary place if you let your light go out. You are the source of light and goodness that attracts positive potential to you, even when you can’t see it. Your desires are seeking you and you will be led to your needs (just like this intuition workout). The catch is, you have to actively participate in being courageous and accepting the challenges of unknown terrain ahead. If you don’t explore new possibilities or opportunities, you will never open yourself to desirable changes. In fact, if you resist change due to fear, life has a way of fourcing you through in a less desirable way. Remember that regardless of what we fear, we are all human souls with a life contract to fulfill. That means we all have to experience what we have came here to do. We can face our own evolution with courage, or resist and let life slam it in our face to the point we have no choice. That is always the way it goes. Be courageous. 

Number 4.

Angel. If you chose this angel your message today is you are protected. Watch for the number 4’s repeating today. And the week ahead. This is a symbol that your angels and guides are near you in harmony with you. You are protected with safe boundaries to make some important decisions in your life. You are activating new abilities and gifts within you at this time and are encouraged to explore developing your skills. Especially if you are an Empath, this moonstone angel will speak to you as it offers a lightcode that your abilities respond to. Some important transitions are happening within you. You are not alone. You are guided and loved deeply, unconditionally. It is highly recommend to anyone that is an Empath or extra sensory to find training to understand your abilities as more abilities unlock within you, it can be overwhelming. (See My Evolve programs on my main website). 

***if at anytime you feel emotionally overwhelmed, you are never alone. LKM has programs such as Evolve Level 1 to help you understand exactly why your abilities as an Empath or lightworker affect you emotionally the way it does. You do not have to suffer alone. Evolve level 1 can help you find personal validation, emotional resolution and inner peace. 

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