Intuition workout: pick a generator

Did you know crystals can resonate with what you emotionally need support with in your everyday life? It’s really true. The medicine of crystals work through your intuition. 

Let’s see what you are working on.. pick a generator and see what message it has for you. 

1. Sunstone 

Sunstone is all about power and leadership, strength and endurance. It works powerfully with the sacral chakra, aligning one to deep inspiration to take action towards their goals. It’s a frequency that can crack open deep creativity which align great ideas into physical action towards great success. If you are drawn to this, it’s radiating a remody to you to reveal that it’s safe to release self doubt and move forth with confidence that you will make your dreams come true. 

2. Lapis Lazuli

This stone aligns to work with your third eye chakra. It’s the stone of kings and queens. It opens the view to insight, and deepest truths. You are likely drawn to this generator because you are raising your energy around the truth to your past. Trying to reveal the meaning to your experience and how to evolve from them. You are looking for your confidence and power in who you know you are. The medicine you need is to know that It’s safe to be you. In fact the world is waiting for you to open your truths for all to admire. Your path in this world is inspiring. 

3. Arfvedsonite

arfvedsonite is used for spiritual growth. It is thought to help re-organize and restructur life, bringing extraordinary insights and a strong positive energy. This is a rapid manifestation stone. It is used in crystal grids for creating instant manifestation. If you chose this, you are searching for fast answers. Perhaps the magic fix. It’s important to remember to be carful what you wish for, but also believe in miracles. This stone is a promise that anything is possible if you just believe. Something amazing is about to occur in your life if you chose this generator. The energy is already rising frequency to a great shift.  

4. Clear quartz 

This beauty works on amplifying what ever is in its space. Perhaps subconsciously you have a feeling of joy, love, success, peace or achievements that you are trying to amplify more of. You are guided intuitively to remind yourself that your perception of your reality is within your own power. You can change your fate, you can change your shitty outcomes, you can drive your focus to desirable outcomes. What you radiate outward comes back to you when you. If you believe you are capable to achieve great things, life hands you opportunity to do so. It’s the same on all levels, you can decide where to focus your energy and produce more of the feelings you want. This is your calling card from the universe saying it’s time to believe you can. 

Thank you for taking part!! Please share if you enjoy these intuition workouts! Leave a comment, and let your friends know about them so they can workout their intuition too! 

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