Intuition workout: plant medicine

Using your intuition, pick a plant, scroll below to see what messages it has for you!

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If you chose lilac, you are experiencing much expansion in your life. You are opening up to new wisdom about yourself, and the roll you play in this life. You may be seeking clairity in your roll to society, life path, family, friends or what exactly the lessons are in life that you are here to do. You are on track, no room for doubts. This is a time for your strength to lead you like a warrior through fear. This is time for you to become the powerful you that you’ve always dreamed you’d be. Fearless. Confident. Respected. 

Your presence at this time is nurturing to others. Be aware that you are more than a roll model to others in your life. To others you are a lifeline. Your “Clair’s” are peaking. Meaning your knowing, intuition, smell, touch and sight are expanding. Enjoy this power. 

2. Cinnamon Fern

You are seeking a remedy to detach you from patterns, illusions or behaviour that’s not serving you. Problems may be more expansive than they need to be, due to a deep anchor in them beyond what you can see or are aware of. You need to find new ways to face challenges in front of you. Trying something new, a new approach with an open mind to adversity in all situations will un anchor any “stickiness” you feel to issues weighing you down. Sometimes you can not see all of the things that have you stuck. The best way to move out of the lock and chain that has you pinned down is to dig deeper to the root of the issue at square one. Some people may not agree with your tactics, but that’s okay, because it is not about them is it? 


Notice the lavender is upside down in the image? It’s because it suggests a lower vibration due to situations. This is on purpose to validate specific vibration you are feeling. Decisions. Perhaps you are uncertain about the decision you’ve been faced with, or are unsure how it will benefit you in the future. Rest assured this is a life lesson about balance. You HAVE to make decisions to better yourself. You can’t live in a state of judgment or mistreatment anymore. Look at all your situations for decisions as this: “when I make this choice, does this allow me to love myself, or invoke misery in the long run? What choice allows me to grow into a better me?”

Never choose based on anger or hate! 

4. Petunia 

If you chose petunia, you are also experiencing a shift in your normal high vibrating self. You are needing to move your mind to acknowledge the little things right now, and seek the gratitude in what’s simple. Life has stretched you out and exhausted you. It’s a perfect time for you to just sit quietly in your gratitude and reflect on all your blessings, opportunities and growth you’ve made thus far. It’s okay to rest and just get back to basics for a little while. Your soul will appreciate you spending some time with yourself. 

Thank you for taking part in this workout!! I love hearing from you!! Please share your experience with others. 


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