Intuition workout: snacks!!

Let’s see what your emotions want you to hear based on what you picked!! 

How this works: you pick a food. That food has a vibe that matches a vibe to an emotion. Using my intuition, I paired up the food to the emotion to help you intuitively choose what you are guided to hear for your highest good and only for your highest good. 

Are you ready?... did you pick a food ?...

Let’s see why you picked it.

1. Cheese

If you chose cheese you are facing some judgement. You are hurting over something that seems impossible to forgive.  You can’t justify what it is you are trying to let go of. It’s important to let go of blame towards yourself and not carry resentment towards yourself or someone else. They didn’t know any better and neither did you. You are responsible for your own emotions and allowing yourself to be happy. Don’t let old wounds hold you back from achieving great peace, balance and freedom to choose better for yourself. 

2. Raspberry 

Something good is on its way to you!!! when you send out love and joy , You are attractiving positive growth towards you in an incredible and life nurturing way. When you live from your heart space and radiate love and kindness all around you, it comes back ten fold. You are moving into a new phase and learning how to accept good things moving in harmony. As long as you keep your energy high, and stay away from negativity, the positivity will grow and grow, bringing you much deserved happy endings. And even happier new beginnings. 

3. Sugar snap pea

So you have a few scars. Life can be a real b*Tch sometimes when it deals the cards. You’ve intuitively chose this pea because your spirit says “its time to clear away some of this toxic mess, negative emotions, negative people or things, and situations out. Get all of that low vibe stuff off your back, it’s making you sick”.  It is time to change how you let yourself carry emotional baggage that’s not even yours to carry. It’s time to release angers and hurts. It’s time to say kind words to yourself and detox away any limiting patterns of self doubt. Especially doubt planted in your mind from others that treated you unfairly. 

4. Chocolate 

If you chose this, your intuition has guided you to say your decision to make a choice tends to fall on something that’s non-nourishing, an illusion of something good and artificially stimulating. Not that you are not capable of making a choice, you are just juggling with the completion or commitment and decisions are lacking a permanent direction. Basically your intuition is telling you to “shit or get off the pot” with your choices to start moving into a direction that is helpful, healthy and non-temporary. Keep it real ... 

For those of you that wanted to choose this one but told yourself “no I shouldn’t” your message is be kind to yourself. Stick to your goals from a place of self love. You deserve all you dream to be. 

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