Intuition workout: what your food says

This intuition workout is designed to help you validate your everyday choices. Your body communicates with your subconscious mind. You probably don’t ever realize you can pick exactly what you need! 

In this exercise, allow yourself to experience your survival instinct of intuitively choosing the food that supports what you are experiencing in your waking life and affecting your physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Note: this intuition workout is inspired by the teachings of Medical Medium - Anthony William. 

Pick a food that you are attracted to the most. Scroll below to see what messages your choice has for you. 

1. Asparagus 

If you chose asparagus you are likely doing some reflection on your past. Thinking about when you felt your best and the idea of how to evolve to a place in this world now that you feel strong, and renewed. You have likely been under tremendous stress physically and or emotionally and your body is needing a boost of trace minerals and vitamins that it can easily absorb. Something that your body can easily get from consuming asparagus. 

If you have gone through bouts of shyness or not being comfortable with yourself and how you feel about you, asparagus is a food that helps us get over that. If you are self conscious of yourself, asparagus would likely be attractive to you. 

You are likely learning to trust the process and cycle of things. The cycle and game of life.  All has a cycle and timing of its prime. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not, you can only make the experience better or worse by how you respond to the cards you’re dealt. 

2. Spinach 

If you chose spinach, you are trying to get rid of a lot of clutter and “crap” from your life. Your body may feel drained at times because it’s carrying a lot of toxins (emotionally toxic situations and toxins from the environment and foods). Your body also is hinting at you to give it a detox! 

You are likely learning how to live today like it’s on purpose. You probably have already made the realization that you’ve done enough wishing and hoping and waiting. You are ready to start seizing the moments that exist right now. 

If you are feeling stuck, and just can’t seem to get the momentum to move forward, your body is intuitively guiding you to have more greens in your diet to remove the toxin buildup. Toxins in your body are what’s causing these emotional road blocks., which causes life to seem as though it is at a stand still.  The time is now to nourish yourself towards a better you. 

3. Strawberry 

If you chose strawberry, you are needing some nourishment and relief from environmental free radicals. You are needing to feel safe, secure and stable with your life right now, but may be a bit confused how to. Life may seem confusing and you may be unable to focus clearly. You may get information mixed up sometimes recently more so than before. 

You are seeking abundance. Financial stability or emotional stability. Perhaps you are wishing or wanting someone to be more open to sharing their feelings with you and are wanting to feel more connected. 

Consuming strawberries will help you balance those thoughts and insecurities you’ve been facing through nourishment. Guiding yourself to be more grounded will also help you eliminate your fears. 

4. Carrot

If you chose carrot, you are seeking to find the most benefit for your efforts to balance your life (mind, body, spirit) as practical, easily maintainable and convenient as possible. Basically, you want “the most bang for your buck”. 

You are a very versatile and smart individual that will find creative ways to implement what serves you the most, in a rapid period of time. You are too busy to be bothered with the long road. Sometimes the short cut is more appealing if it takes you to the same place. 

However resourceful and resilient you may be, you can get run down and although you may feel okay on the inside, the wear of your chaotic schedule can show on the outside. You may get breakouts, irritated , sensitive and  dry skin. Some may even get more serious skin conditions. Eating carrots cooked and raw will help you nourish and recover the high demands you put on your body. 

Thank you so much for taking part!

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