Intuition workout: Archetype

This is a different sort of intuition workout! We have labels to emotional state of how we consciously respond to life situations. In an psychological perspective, we can profile the state of response by labeling with an archetype. Let’s use your intuition to choose a situation that you are experiencing directly or indirectly by influence of someone or something in your life. Pick a card and scroll below to see what messages it has for you.  

Card 1

You chose the archetype of the lover. This is a profile of someone who lives their life with passionate enthusiasm. Romance and relationships are also very important. This is also an attribute to the profile of someone that is passionate about activities and arts. For example, gardening, cooking, music... the shadow of this archetype is becoming near obsessive towards a passion which at times can challenge ones self esteem and mental health (highs and lows). 

Card 2

If you intuitively chose this you are either being manipulated by a situation or could be misleading yourself or someone else. 

The archetype of the trickster is predictable in nature by the patterns they create in their life. Driven by jokes, and fun bringing others into the good time. Typically the trickster will use their bag of tricks to get what they want or feel they are entitled to. They are great to shining light on an alternative way to view situations to someone that just may not see beyond a narrow scope. The shadow aspect of the trickster is if you piss them off they take great pleasure misleading and upsetting others. 

Card 3

The tell tale of the wounded child archetype is how they have a habit of blaming others for childhood trauma as the cause of dysfunctional relationships in their current life. This profile holds memories of abuse, neglect and traumas endured during childhood. This archetype is easy to identify because they are passionate at wanting to help other wounded children. Their path is to learn how to forgive. The shadow aspect of the wounded child archetype is they tend to spend some time on the pity pot. Have blame and resentment. They can be very stubborn and resisting to forgive and move forward. 

Card 4

The Midas/ miser archetype profile is noticeable by how they create patterns of wealth or confronting how far they are willing to go to create it. They may have a hard time sharing wealth. This archetype is associated with the entrepreneurial. It’s all about turning creative thoughts into gold. Tends to hoard their emotions and find it challenging to recognize generosity. The shadow of this profile is the need to control for fear of losing. Sometimes they use wealth creating gifts only for personal gain. 

Thank you for taking part. I hope you have intuitively pegged a situation in your life with an archetype profile! 

I love hearing from you! Please feel free to share your experience and results!

Many blessings to you,


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