Intuition workout: wild magic

Using your intuition, pick a card. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

Your message today is to give you knowing you are guided to elder wisdom. Perhaps someone in your waking life is advising you with wisdom that has been seasoned with age and experience. Or perhaps you are being informed through elders of your ancestry through dream or meditation. Either or any way or form you are being guided to listen to your elders. Also there is a deep root to your ancestal line of patters, roots to behaviours and beliefs and an instinct of knowing. You have inherited behaviour. 

Card 2

Your message today is about freedom and choice. You are the answer to your own prayers by empowering your decisions to be set free from your own judgement, worry and fear. Your being encouraged by your own subconscious mind to raise above the chaos and allow yourself to create your story on purpose. Your life right now is about healing. Using crystals will be extremely helpful during this ascension phase you are experiencing. Enjoy, be free. Yoga would also be very healing for you at this time to give physical relief. 

Card 3 

Your message today is to lighten up!!! You are being guided to open your heart to all around you and view it with an innocence. We all learn as we grow. We are all innocent in new situations. The situation that is calling you is asking you to be authentic and completely yourself in this world. What you do sets a reaction in motion for others to be inspired by your authenticity. It gives hope and admiration to hopefuls needing guidance. Be the guiding light. You are a born intuitive. Use your natural ability to navigate great potentials in your life. 

Card 4

The message you have today is a validation of your personal growth. As you have evolved over time, you have learned to love yourself and others unconditionally. Situations may have invoked tremendous change of view of love and relationships. People that seemed impossible to get along with or reason with before are less challenging at this time. Not because they have changed, but you have. You see through illusions better than you did before. Judgment and frustration will be less likely to rule your situations now as you are beginning to see the world through the lens of unconditional love. 

Thank you so much for taking part in this intuition workout. I love hearing how you did with your choice. Please leave me a comment, and my posts with friends if you enjoy these postings.

Many blessings to you, 


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