How far will love go?

On August 19th 2017 I hosted my very first Summer Psychic celebration with the intention to celebrate my amazing students and clients as well as connect like minded people together as the heal and lean on each other for support through loss and grief. To celebrate love and joyful memories of those lost. When I planned the event it was based on the only free weekend in a 12 month window we could all be available as a family in preparation for the event so I went with it. 

The morning of the event I took a moment to have a coffee and briefly checked Facebook. I noticed there were notifications of friends talking about how it was the anniversary of a very big tragedy in our local area that claimed the life of 4 in a plane crash. Oblivious to the synchrony I was about to witness as the day progressed, I simply offered my well wishes of support and moved forward with my day. 

As I was getting ready for my event, I started to feel the energy of loved ones pulling in and giving me flashes of information. I quickly realized that I was remembering bits and pieces of a reading I had done for the mother and wife of those lost on the anniversary of that day. I remember telling the woman in a previous reading that her loved ones would bring celebration back to the community the day of their passing and that the community would come together and find joy among each other. I remember feeling like it would take some sort of miracle. I remembered the woman's husband telling me that he sent her signs and symbols in the form of anything with wings. Specifically he liked the dragonfly as he was a pilot and he liked flying them. I also was reminded that her son loved to mess with technology and electronics. He understood electrical. I thought that was odd to remember but that's Spirit, the most random things. 

I thanked Spirit for the memories of that reading validating I would connect to his wife and mother sometime that day and I would personally invite her to come. I made sure to immediately contact her and invite her to come to the event. Unfortunately she was working running her store and was not able to leave work to join us in the day of celebration as we began to see people of our community come together. As we set up and started to accumulate guests, the power went out. I never thought anything of it at the time, I just chalked it up as crappy luck and went on with my day. 

Towards the end of the event, I was preparing to do the open mediumship event. I took a moment to talk to my friend and wonderful assistant asking her if she heard anything about the power situation. I was informed that only 600 people in our area were affected. Since we live outside of town, I never thought much of it affecting town limits and continued to read in open mediumship. 

The last draw of the day for open mediumship was coming to a hault. I was exhausted, everyone had cried their eyes out and we all were feeling the affects of Devine love and healing. The day was concluding. But a vehicle started to pull down my driveway. I quickly realized the vehicle belonged to the mother and wife of the Spirit's that crossed in anniversary that day. As her vehicle pulled around to park, this great big dragonfly flew right in front of my nose and made a big circle like a parade lap around all the people at my event. Many of them members of our community whom knew the individuals and witnessed the plane go down. It was like the dragonfly wanted to let everyone know they were there and I only know one Spirit who could fly a dragonfly like that. 

My jaw in the floor shocked at the synchrony I was informed due to the power outage my client was able to close her store and attend on this anniversary day of the community coming together in celebration of healing and love. As my client came closer I said "what's your sign" and she replied "dragonfly". 

I have no doubts in my mind her husband and son aligned that day with the help of a higher source. It was mentioned in a reading months and months sooner an event of joy and celebration would replace pain and heartache. Sadness went against everything they believed in about life. The power of love used actual power to align a decade of pain on the anniversary day with a community of support just to say "I love you, I am okay". 

This is why I love my job. Love is truly all that exists even in a world of pain. 

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