Intuition workout: crystal intuition

Using your intuition, pick a card that speaks to you. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

Card 1

Mookaite Jasper: you are being encouraged to see the beautiful soul you are. See your true beauty and essence inside and out. Confidence in some areas of your life may be a bit challenging presently, trust and know this is a sign validating you are being guided to healing and achievements through incredible synchrony all around you. Enjoy and accept this healing. 

Card 2

Pink Agate: you are intuitively trying to get back on track. Through your experiences and of the beaten trail in the past, you have begun learning the process to inspire others through your own experiences. Be ready to set some huge examples through life changes you have been faced with or are looking into. You are learning you have the ability to do things you never knew you could and at the same time help others with what you learn. Focus on the big picture as a collective, you will see big meaning in your life. 

Card 3

Fire Agate: your being encouraged to step more into your confidence and passion. Perhaps you've spent a lot of time dreaming or wishing for things in the past. You are intuitively kicking yourself in the ass to be bold and take action on those desires. Find your drive and floor it, because life is in your favour. You have all you need, it's just time to assemble the pieces. You got this. 

Card 4

Shungite: your intuition is guiding you to be more grounded. Negative patterns and beliefs are not helping you. Because you are in a phase of your life that is taking you through a transformation, you are being encouraged to stay grounded in the present and find gratitude in every tiny little thing that physically surrounds you. This will help clear your auric field of what doesn't feel very good in your auric field. Salt baths will also help you get clear and break away from patterns and beliefs that are troubling you. Be mindful of what you allow in your space in terms of negativity or negative behaviour. 

Thank you for taking part. I look forward to hearing from you. Be sure to register for a workshop if you enjoy these intuition workouts! 

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