Intuition workout: CJB deck of butterflies

In this exercise, you are learning that you always pick what you need. You are drawn to the vibration of energy that you are working and resonate with. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: if you chose this card you are moving in the direction of feeling more secure in life. You could be building strong foundations at work or in relationships. This is a validation that everything is looking good from the ground up. Changes that may present themselves are a positive experience that you will handle in a very anchored and grounded mindset. You are moving forward with positive growth that likely brings material rewards. 

Card 2:

Kristy's message: all has aligned in perfect harmony and the perfect conditions in your life's favour. Perhaps it's been a challenge to get to where you are today but this comes in as a validation that it's all good now!! Enjoy the forward motion and take in the view of all your blessings that surround you. Your determination has lead you to bliss in your life. Good job! 

Card 3

Kristy's message: Patterns will repeat themselves even when we think we are through with them. When opportunity to choose the old path or the new oath comes along remember that "if you do what you did, you will get what you got". Meaning if you practice the same behaviour or reaction to situations, the outcome will always be the same. Learn from your experiences and move out of old patterns. 

Card 4

Kristy's message: now is a great time to be proud of yourself. You are being noticed and recognized by others. You're admired, and respected simply because you are you. Take the recognition that others are bringing to you. If someone compliments you say thank you and know it is 100000% sincere!! You have made some big achievements. Enjoy, you deserve the applause!! 

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