Intuition workout: past lives

Using your intuition pick a card that draws your attention. Scroll below and see what message it has for you. 

Card 1

Kristy's message: if you picked this card one of your main life lessons in this lifetime are about money. This possibly has ties to past lives with vows of poverty or other life experiences causing financial difficulties in this one. Your purpose is to learn that money is not a negative or positive possession. It is an energy exchange. To help you move into balance of finances and understanding its energetic force in your life, begins by clearing vows from all directions of your souls journey releasing you from vows that are withholding your financial abundance. Simply make that statement in your mind. Your intention is your reality.  Think of money this way. If money was a friend that came over to lend their energy and help you and all you did was worry if it was enough, would your friend be around much to help you? If instead of worry you appreciated every tiny cent of energy spent would your friend likely be there more to help you? Money is energy. Where you put your energy is where the financial flow will go.

Card 2:

Kristy's message: health is a big roll in your current lifetime based on previous life experiences. Perhaps you have injuries or even birthmarks in places you had been injured sick or scarred before. There is a deep connection to your awareness of your souls journey and your health or healing process. Perhaps you are a healer or are meant to help influence positive health in others in some way. Perhaps you are Intuitively aware your health is in need of some tlc and nourishment. You have the intuitive ability to find wellness in your environment or in simple knowing what to do. I encourage you not to ignore the call to healing. Your body is your souls house.  Without your health your soul lives in a house with a leaky roof with no windows and no power. Fix it up and keep your soul and spirit happy and here in the physical world and inspire others along the way. 

Card 3

Kristy's message: if you picked this you have likely been hearing the term "star child" a lot. We are all products of star dust but you have a far deeper connection to beyond your physical self. You are dialled in to all that is. Perhaps things in this physical world you have trouble understanding especially when people hurt each other or the environment. It's easy to feel awkward in all types of "normal" situations. Don't worry you are a special soul meant to turn the lights on in others. Part of your existence is to teach the act of love and kindness and doing so by learning to be love and be kind. Your job is to create a space of peace in the world. It could be by simply holding an intention or meeting friends like you and creating a group setting or online community. 

Card 4:

Kristy's message: if you picked this card you have been a healer in a past life. If you find you are interested in classes about healing or traditional medicine, don't ignore. Your soul is calling you back to a familiar time when you did this important work. Don't fight the urge to learn more about medicine. The healer runs deep within you and you have the gift. 

Think of the times you had an incident, sickness or injury. Have you ever had an experience where you should have been hurt or affected way more than you had been. If you faired exceptionally well in those situations unexplainably the first hint is it is because you are a healer. Once a healer, always a healer. But don't think you are invincible.... just be aware, you have the ability. It up to you what you do with it. 

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