Intuition workout: pick a random item

Using your intuition, pick an item that grabs your attention the most. Now scroll below to see the message and why I think you picked it. 

If you chose the abalone shell (item 1)

Kristy's message: if you picked this shell, I believe it is because you are under a lot of emotional stress. You are being guided to realize that within you is a great deal of amazing beautiful light that has been created by the stress and pressure you have endured. Much like this abalone shell, its beauty was created by being beat up by the currents and pressures in the sea. You are encouraged to let your outter shell shine and not be afraid to let your true colours shine. Remove your self from your emotional critic that's internal within you and allow yourself to exist with the deserving attitude of joy and happiness. Side note to remember: you are not entitled to be treated with respect by others but you are entitled to be treated with respect from yourself.  

If you chose the clear quartz (item 2)

Kristy's message: if you picked Quartz, I believe it is because you are looking to find clarity in some areas in your life. Perhaps you need someone or something to point you in the "right" direction. Perhaps you need an energy boost and feel powerless in certain situations if your life. By choosing this you are being guided to find balance within yourself. Balance chakras, how you spend your energy each day and who you give your energy away to. You're reminded that you have the directions you need to go already within you, it's just a bit cluttered to see the way clearly. Work on removing from your life what doesn't serve you any good. Like a bad attitude towards your goals for example or letting people who are negative draw energy from you. To find the direction you are seeking you first need to clear the pathway within you so the new can move in. 

If you chose the magpie feather (item 3)

Kristy's message: I believe if you chose this feather it is because you are receiving signs from your loved ones and guides on the other side. You are also being encouraged to see in all situations there is a balance of light and dark. You can't have one without the other. The big message you need to hear today is to be clear with your intentions. Really know what you are asking of yourself and others. What do you really want??... Trust your intuition and remove your ego when making decisions for yourself or others around you. This is a message that you are supported and guided from the spirit world and you need to hold faith in yourself. 

If you chose the lemon (item 4)

Kristy's message: if you chose the lemon I believe it is because you are in need of detoxing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. You are needing to explore more self love in care and nurturing yourself. Focus on healing your 3rd chakra, and use lemon to assist you to balance the ph level in your body, regain energy and help detox where all the toxins sit causing issues in your life. Toxins in the body do not only come from the environment or food, they are also negative thoughts, emotions of pain, fear, resentment, anger, and frustration. Sooth and allow nurturing to happen in your life and release the build up of the unnecessary within you. You have the right and the ability to feel good. This is your sign to take action and learn to love and nurture yourself. 

I hope you enjoyed this intuition workout! Be sure to let me know how you did!! Share with a friend so they can pick an item too!! 

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