Intuition Workout: pick a goose

Intuitive check in: what go you need to hear today? Pick a goose, left or right and read the intuitive message below. Remember, intuition takes you to what you need, not always what you want.

left goose:

if you have chosen the left goose, your message is about being responsive, but not reactive. Perhaps you feel under attack by a situation, or someone directly. The best practice for you is to hold your boundaries, but do not engage in wounded behaviour, even if something triggers you to want to react. Be responsible to what’s in front of you, take it into stride as you walk your journey of spiritual and emotional healing. When you feel that someone has you under attack, remember you are accountable for your actions that triggered them, but you are not accountable for how they treat you for it. Make that a clear line in your life.

right goose:

if You chose right goose, your intuitive message is about recognizing that emotions are like volcanoes, they will erupt and be destructive if you do not have a way to manage and maintain them. This message suggests that there are emotions being felt that feel out of your control taking over your inner peace. This happens to everyone at some point, however your due diligence is to cultivate the lineage wounds that are creating little emotional eruptions in your personal peace. When this is left unhealed, it creates karmic wounds in you and others. This validates that you are in a turning point in your souls journey and you have the power of the narrative for your life. Be wise with that, it’s powerful.

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