Intuition Workout: Pick a Cow.

This intuition workout is a bit different than other intuition workouts we normally do. Instead of me writing the oracle message to you, I am drawing cards and reading the energy of each cow. Just as you read the energy of each cow to choose the one that most closely resonated to what you are working on emotionally and spiritually. ....... but then again, I guess that is not entirely true regarding not writing the message to you, since I am using the Bad Day Oracle to read the cows/you and I am the author of that deck... Anyways, let see what messages I drew for you and the cow you chose.

Left Cow:

The cards I drew are "keep going but rest", The mirror" and "it is you, all you".

What do they mean? "Keep going but rest" is a card about not giving up. It reminds you that there may be a version of a story that you need to let go of, perhaps you have a narrative around yourself that withholds you from truly believing in yourself. This card teaches you to see the beauty and opportunity in all of your emotions, fears and ideas. hold gratitude for all you feel and all you know and keep moving forward, don't stay stuck in the past.

"The mirror" This card gives us validation that the people in your life or situations that are agitating, annoying, frustrating you or causing you to trigger are a direct reflection of frequency in you that is trying to resolve. They are attracted to you like an oracle card. Just as you chose your cow, energies align to be your teachers and the medicine to resolve it if you pay enough attention to what you need to learn in the situation. Mirror work can be challenging, but its nothing you cant handle, it is in your cards to keep moving forward with gratitude and positive emotions in tow.

"it is you, all you" This card is about rejection. Being in fight or flight response. When you feel rejected, you are not participating in the movement of the action or resolution, you are actually denying yourself from receiving your desired outcome. This is generally trauma related, how we are programmed to protect ourselves. Remind yourself that you are the safest when you believe in yourself and you are the safest with the power you have within you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. This card is a teacher that you are headed to a new becoming. Trust in you.

The Right Cow:

The cards I drew were "faker, faker", "the shadow", and "love your problems less, and solutions more".

What do the mean? "faker, faker" is a card that calls you out on your tendency to bend your authenticity to please the opinion of others. It is an intuitive but kick to tell you that that action of pleasing someone else at the expense of your authentic truth, your freedom to be true to yourself and your own personal values is knocking you down.

"the shadow" is about being in a shadow. The feeling of standing in the doorway of a sllamming door, emotions on a runaway, working on overdrive. This is the part of your souls work that makes you face the things in you that scare you, or what you don't like and try to avoid or hide away. This card reminds us that our natural instinct is to fight down emotions that we dont like, but we often derail ourselves by taking a soul journey of resistance. That's what makes us lost and lose our way to our true sense of self. This card is a validation that your soul is asking you to shine a light on your shadow self. Let that part of you heal and illuminate. This is an integration your soul is bringing you through for the greater good of you. Its a reality check to stop and face what you are fearing and don't like, and stop avoiding the solution.

"Love your problems less, and solution more" This card teaches us to step away from our situations that are triggering us, give yourself distance from the trigger and any unsettled feelings about it. You need to start healing, and your healing will not come if you are belly deep in the chaos or conflict. Avoiding and distance are not the same thing, you are guided to give distance with the intention to observe and seek resolution. What ever you are in right now, it is a karmic lesson, and you can figure out the resolve if you allow yourself space to breathe and observe how you are reacting to all of it.

Thank you for taking part! I hope you enjoyed this intuition workout! xo Kristy

"Pick a Cow" intuition workout sponsored by the Bad Day Oracle by Kristy L Kilik

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