Intuition Workout: Pick a Crystal

What message did your intuition guide you to see today? out of the 4 crystals above, what crystal drew your attention first? What was the crystal that you first looked at or noticed? did you change your mind after you looked at the others? was the first crystal you seen the same crystal you are drawn to?

In intuition training, I recommend that if you seen a different one first before you decided you were drawn to another, you should read both. The first one you see will bring forth intuition running deep in your subconscious/ sometimes shadow self. The one you choose to like the most will be relevant to something you are aware of and choosing to acknowledge. (if you desire to take understanding this deeper, sign up for some of my classes!) 

What message did your intuition guide you to today?

Crystal 1 Kristy's message to you: I invite you to think about what do you need to let go of? What is holding you down and invading your self truth, confidence, and authentic self like an  infection? Why are you carrying all this extra pain and sorrow? Why do you not want to let your heart soften and feel tender? Who do you need to forgive to set yourself free? My message to you is that you are worthy of being true and authentic. In fact it is your responsibility to let your light shine and to heal. Choosing this bronzite crystal tells you that your soul is gently asking you to trust in yourself, to release those heavy burdens and step into your authenticity and be free. (Please note, this is a heavy choice, you are not alone. If you are needing to make changes, but don't know where to start, please message me at and lets talk about it).

Crystal 2 Kristy's message to you: Does it feel like you are on fast forward in a please rewind world? or do you feel like you are in slow motion while the rest of the world is on high speed? Do you desperately desire some changes to come to you but have run low on the patience? Want results now, but feel you are too far behind to wait, it is all happening too slow? Perhaps you have the intention to direct yourself to some self improvement, but feel like your ambition or energy levels have depleted or been left behind someplace. Your message is that you have not gotten the short end of the stick in this life. You are powerful and worthy of all of your desires. Your medicine is to learn just how powerful and in control you really are. To dissolve your resistance. Learn to empower your strength. It will change your life in so many positive ways. I believe in you, you should too. (If you need extra help, join my Evolve 2.0 community and personal evolution classroom, and become aligned to the tools, and support with others working through empowerment just like you). 

Crystal 3 Kristy's message to you: You are in for some big shifts! Energies that are aligning here are about you learning to see the other perspective of ideas, situations and events. If you are stuck in your own personal wellness journey, or can't seem to view life outside of your specific train of thought, life is going to nudge you hard to broaden your perspective. Perhaps you are choosing not to see something someone else sees because you feel frustrated or unseen or misunderstood. Life may try to slap you on the hand a little to bring your awareness to the fact that you are a little bit stubborn and need to try a different approach. This is not a bad thing, this is a validating thing that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that a change in perspective is needed. Gain a clearer perspective by stepping out of your comfort zone. My biggest message to you today is that you are in a Karmic cycle and your soul is trying to get you to resolve and level up your frequency and complete some soul contract work. ( If you chose this I HIGHLY recommend you get into Evolve 2.0 and listen to February module 1 for 2020. Big validations for you there).

Crystal 4 Kristy's message to you: You are in for some tough love. I can't sugar coat this for you because you need it straight up. Sometimes love is not about comfort. Discipline, commitment, trial and error, mistakes, the hard stuff are all very important ingredients in the recipe of love and self love. If you fed yourself or your kids ice cream 3 meals a day, stayed up all night eating candy and skipped work and school everyday, would we be expressing love and self love? Comfort does not equal love. Not now and not ever. Your spirit needs you to express self love in ways that require you to get out of your comfort zone. In ways that require you to make a commitment. Your soul is telling you that you are required to show up and love you even if it is hard to. My main message is that spiritual work and self love is 100% NOT rainbows, butterflies and unicorn fluff. Its ugly crying, spontaneous creativity and unethical ethics. Its about breaking down walls and dysfunctional barriers. Today, your soul blew softly on your heart and said "You can totally do this love yourself thing". 

 (If you need extra help, join my Evolve 2.0 community and personal evolution classroom, and become aligned to the tools, and support with others working through empowerment just like you). 

Thank you all so much for taking part in this workout. I hope you enjoyed! Please share this post with your friends and communities! I love helping those willing to help themselves. Much love to you ~ Kristy

Kristy L Kilik 

Author  *  Spiritual Medium  *  Empowerment Coach

This Intuition workout sponsored by: The BAD DAY ORACLE

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