Intuition workout: train or trees?

What does your intuition call you to today? Every choice you make is a frequency match to what you have working within you. Perhaps your intuition is calling your attention to something you need to know, or something you need validation about. Make a choice of what you feel drawn to most in this image and see what message it has for you below. 

If you chose the Train:

Your message is to have patience. You will get to you goals soon enough. Perhaps now is a great time to reflect on how many achievements you’ve accomplished opposed to how much you want to reach new goals. Appreciate who you are right now and get into flow with self gratitude. Now is a time for you to see how far you’ve come. Remember that what has not yet been conquered in your life is an opportunity of growth, learning and evolution. That is what living is all about, yes? Take a look around at who you are. See all the great things you’ve done for yourself. 

If you chose trees:

Your message is to get connected with yourself. Wisdom is accessible to you if you are willing to receive it. Ancient wisdom is very important on your journey and you have the ability to access it. Get connected. Connect with yourself, nature and get in community with your environment meaning learn how to be in relationship with all that surrounds you including the seen and unseen. There is also a message to nourish yourself. Grounding will help you feel safer during chaos in your environment. 

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