Intuition Workout: Left or right?

Intuition is a powerful tool. We forget that it brings us truth by filtering the vibration of information that is external, and bringing it to our awareness through our free will to choose. The biggest hang up people have is not trusting their intuition. Intuition never lies to you, in fact it can only show you your truth that is a vibrational match to what you have working for vibes in you. The hard part is accepting that it is our truth, even when we don't want to hear it, see it or receive the message our intuition delivers to us. This intuition workout will help you connect to what vibes you have happening in you right now. Your intuition will guide you to pick a match in the vibe of my message to best suite your vibe.

What are you drawn to the most, the left side of the Sunflower, or the right side of the Sunflower? See below what message your intuition is guiding you to.

The Left:

If you chose the left, you are ready to release a surplus of energy and share some abundance. This could mean you have some money burning a hole in your pocket ready to make an investment, or you may be needing to spend money that you don't want to spend, but are somewhat forced to for the greater good of the situation. This choice brings validation to empathic gifts being shared. Perhaps you are projecting creativity and others can feel your vibe very clearly. And they may take advantage of that. You may feel like parts of you are being drained. Be aware, how you behave based on if you feel like you are in a negative mindset or a positive mindset (light or shadow) will determine a positive experience in your life right now or a negative one. This aligns you to your divine masculine, and you may feel very powerful and extroverted more than normal in spurts. This is typically a good thing, unless you are feeling negative, then you may express things that you may regret later. Try to stay peaceful in your belly, and only let the fire to smoulder slightly.

The Right:

You are in receiving mode. Not yet ready to blossom, but on the verge of great things. Perhaps other areas of your life are draining more power from you, making your energy a bit sluggish, especially around your personal goals and accomplishments. This is a good time to reflect inward and see where you need some nourishment. This is the divine feminine, and it appears that side is running a bit lower than optimal for you to be in perfect harmony. This is not a bad thing, this is a sign that you are preserving energy and building up more strength, more beauty, more creativity, more vibrancy. This choice represents the intricate details of your creativity and abundance configuring and manifesting in your life. Remember perfection takes time. You are manifesting amazing and intricate things that will seem like pure perfection soon enough. Have patience sweet one, your true beauty will shine bright soon.

Thank you for taking part! I hope you enjoyed!

Much Love,


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