Intuition Workout: Branches or Decorations?

Intuition is a tool we are equipped with to guide us through choices and decisions that are frequency matches to the karmic lessons and souls evolutionary contracts. Intuition works like a magnet. A frequency in us that is needing attention will be drawn to a vibrational match external from ourselves. In this workout, your intuition is attracted to the frequency of energy that most resonates with a frequency you have in you. We always intuitively pick what we need because we are only ever attracted to making choices and decisions that completely reflect the frequency in us. Sometime that means picking something you don't want. Remember, intuition is an evolutionary tool for the soul.

If you picked the decorations (stars):

The best lessons in life are learned through mistakes or things we don't like because we pay attention to that the most. "i will learn so easily from the things that are easy in my life" so no human being ever!!! If you are resisting something, that is a huge sign that you need to look there closely for your souls evolution. Sometimes we need to go back and learn from our past choices to see the reason why we chose what we did in the first place. It is okay to evaluate choices from a place that can recognise when we make choices because we are in pain, have wounds from life and the experiences we are wrapped up in. The biggest message for you today is to learn that you are on a journey that requires you to be less cookie cutter and more uniquely you. Over the next few months, expect your soul to give you an authenticity download, meaning you are being encouraged by source, your higher self and loved ones crossed, to begin evolving you soul and integrating your illuminated self into your waking life. You are guided to learn about yourself. Keep a journal, spend some time reading about spiritual development related things. In a few years from now, you will understand soul evolution much deeper, right now, spirit is guiding you to have a little spiritual awakening at this time.


If you chose the branches:

This is a bit of tough love. There are a few hard lessons happening here with this choice. The first one is You CAN NOT let choices and mistakes made by others ruin your life or the quality of life you liveIncluding you, you are not the same person you were when things happened that hurt you. It has to stop for your own good right now. You deserve happiness and joy. When you lend out all your limbs to others, what is left for you? Not much. Time to stand tall and move forward with dignity and pride in who you are and appreciate the things that bring you joy. Do not spend one more second worried about other peoples decisions. They have their own life lessons to live and their own soul to evolve. Giving someone else your peace does not help you or them. Now is a great time for you to reflect inward and fill your Spirit with the love you needed when someone or something hurt you. It is time to break the cycle of pain, and let yourself begin healing you, by being there for yourself. If you give all your attention to other people and the things they have done, you cant be there for you. You need you. read that again. YOU NEED YOU. Make today the first step towards self love and self care. You require your attention. You are worthy of your attention and love.. In fact, think of this as a message that your soul is screaming at your conscious mind "see me, I need you to see me".

Much Love, Thank you for taking part.


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