Intuition workout: x’s or hearts?

Let’s see what your intuition guided you to today. What are you most drawn to, the x’s or the hearts? Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

The x’s

If you chose the x’s your message is about relationships. Perhaps you need to take a look at your relationship with others, your relationship with yourself or the relationship with your job. There are important lessons about relationships that you are needing to learn and must find balance in. Perhaps a bad relationship with your job or another person is causing you to have a bad relationship with yourself. Or your bad relationship with yourself is damaging relationships of career or family. Something is not in flow here for your greater good. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just time to acknowledge, something someplace is out of whack. Now is a great time for you to look at your needs, desires and goals and face those pesky challenges that may not be easy to face. It’s a crossroads, but remember, road trips can be really fun if you have the right attitude and the right company of relationships to support any crossroads you face. Even if it’s time to see something in the rear view mirror and move on, it’s a lesson you must face. 

The hearts

You can’t help it or stop what or who you love. The heart wants what the heart wants.  Your heart is the seat to your soul and it has something to say to you. Your love is greater than logic, greater than ideas, more powerful than plans or what’s easy. Love is trying to take over in your life. It’s okay to let go. It is okay to see your desires of what your heart wants to love and not be afraid of the consequences or inconvenience that may surround it. It’s okay to let your heart take over and lead the way. The risks of hurting are always there, but what if you never truly let love in? Isn’t that far worse than any risk? 

You may also observe in others that they are being pulled into love deeply beyond their control. Learn from this and let it inspire you to open your heart too. 

Thank you for taking part. I hope you enjoyed this intuitive guidance. 

Much love,


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