Intuition workout: kitten or trees

What are you intuitively guided to today??? Let’s find out. 


If you chose the kitten, your message today is about change. You are facing something that brings many changes for you. Don’t worry, it’s all about your own personal growth. Sometimes change can be inconvenient for a minute. That’s okay though, all the good stuff becomes so much better when things all settle out. 


If you chose trees, you are going through a phase of receiving wisdom. Your medicine is wisdom. Wisdom is all you need at this time. Now is a great time for you to connect yourself to knowledge and begin accepting and adapting what you learn or have learned in the past and implement it into your day to day. You are setting into motion a new level of conscience awareness. Let this nourish you. 


If you pick both, your medicine is about wisdom and change. What you know can greatly change your reality. Go with it. 

Thank you for taking part. I hope you enjoyed it. Much love ~ Kristy 

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