Intuition workout: frog or butterfly ?

What has your intuition guided you to today? Your intuition works on frequency. What you need to know has a vibration. Just like each item in this photo has a vibration. Your intuition is the medium that bridges object to intellect. Let’s see what you need to know today. 


If you chose frog, you are going through a purification process. Perhaps there are some detoxing actions needed on your part to separate yourself from negativity, behaviour that isn’t good for you or situations that are toxic. This validated that you must release something old to accept something new. It’s all about balance and your greater good. Something that will be handy at this time is the self reflection and self realization to see, and understand what will be for your greater good. How can you choose to purify your reality to clean energy that supports you? 


Ever hear the expression “your wings are ready”? You chose this because you need a kick in the butt towards learning to fly instead of fearing the process. Bold statement, but when we are growing, it’s painful. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the pain we felt is what transformed us and it gave us wings to fly. Loved ones in the Spirit World support this message and remind us by sending butterflies to us in our daily lives to remind us we can go places with our life experiences. Also to remind us they are with us, just in a different way, supporting and loving unconditionally. 


If you chose both, your message is about self reflection. You need to self reflect and see the emotions that are withholding you. Transmute those emotions with joy and peace. This will let you be free and complete the transformation to your greatest desires. 

Thank you for taking part!!

Much love, 


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