Intuition workout: Palm-stone or heart?

What has your intuition guided you to today? You always pick a match of frequency is  existing in you. That is why we are attracted to some things, while other things may go unnoticed. It all has to do with our personal vibration and the vibration of the energy we are interacting with. 

Let’s find out what message has a vibration similar to your experiences happening in your life. Pick the crystal you are drawn to and see message below. 


This is Polychrome Jasper and it has its own healing vibrational properties. People are often attracted to it because it has a vibrational pull to bring in kindness. When people are around Polychrome, they can feel themselves being kinder to themselves and others, and it attracts kind hearted people. 

Polychrome has a bit of a superpower in some ways because it creates a lattice of soothing energy in a space. You may be drawn to this palm stone if you are feeling like you need a break from chaos and want to feel safe for a minute. You also could feel it’s pull on you if you are trying to anchor more self love and appreciation in your life, either from self or feeling like others appreciate you more than you are perceiving they do. 


This is a Septarian heart. This stone also holds its own vibrational healing properties, however this particular piece has a very unique vibration. If you feel it’s pull on you, you are feeling a vibration of a need to stay focused through stressful situations, but in a soft, gentle way. Perhaps there are a lot of things happening around you that have big impact, but you are trying to get the things done in a minimalistic way. This is a great flow of intention to be on at this time and you are feeling that channel through you in one form or another. Septarian is a stone of wisdom. It can actually help you unlock information and unblock yourself from receiving what you don’t understand. This brings a validation of doing just that and to open your heartspace to receive and allow wisdom

Thank you for taking part!! If you enjoyed this intuition workout, check out my Oracle Deck called “Bad Day Oracle” you can find it here Bad Day Oracle by Kristy Kilik

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