Intuition workout: left or right sphere?

We always pick what we need. It’s out intuitive default setting. Often it is not what we want, but it is always a vibrational match to what we need, or have going on within. Our frequency can only be attracted to a frequency of something we can vibrationally relate to or understand. If it doesn’t vibrationslly match us, it doesn’t exist to us and we likely won’t even see it. Think of colours. You are drawn to an item of one colour more than another. The colour you are not attracted to will likely go unnoticed. This is due to your vibrational match. This is what makes up your reality. Your intuition uses it as a guide in life. 

These spheres will have a vibrational pull on you. The vibrational match of them will pull on your magnetic field. The one you are pulled to more will be the one your intuition calls your attention to. 

Let’s see why. 

The left sphere:

This is an orgonite sphere made of black tourmaline and selenite. It’s purpose is to clear and protect energies. It is very powerful. If you are drawn to this, your intuition is calling you to align you to remove emotional an physical obstacles from your path. You are being called to stay in flow and in your own personal harmony with your souls calling. If you know what your soul desires, you are aligned to that pathway free and clear of disruption. If you are unclear or do not know what your soul’s calling is, your intuition is guiding you make way in your life to clear the haze and confusion to begin solving that mystery within you. Your souls invites you to begin fulfilling your souls purpose. 

The right sphere:

This is a Lumaruan blue onyx sphere. If you chose this, your intuition is guiding you to take s break from the emotional and spiritual stress you have overbearing on you right now. This special sphere has a very soothing affect to it, and is a vibrational match to what you are craving and needing in your life. All the stress to be soothed away. Choosing this brings the validation into your attention that you need to speak up in order to help yourself feel some stress relief. You need to say what you need and learn to communicate It clearly and softly with those that affect you. That includes you. You affect your own stress on yourself by not having positive self talk when you really need to. So if this was your pick, do something nice for yourself and give yourself a well deserved break from all those troubles that weigh you down. 

Thank you for taking part!! If you love these intuition workouts, check out my oracle deck! You can find it here 

Bad Day Oracle by Kristy Kilik

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