Intuition workout: left or right statue?

What has your intuition guided you to today? Are you more drawn to the statue on the left? Or are you drawn to the statue on the right? Let’s find out what message you’ve been guided to below. 

The left statue:

The message here is about having faith. Allow your innocence to return to you and give yourself permission to find renewal and rebirth in ideas, relationships and even your experiences. Allow yourself to receive the beauty and gifts this world has to offer you and allow the experience of being alive bring healing to your wounds. Choosing this left statue is a clear validation that you are going through a rebirth process. Old wounds and frayed parts of you are being upcycled by your Spirit into a usable form of purpose and incentive to help direct you to a greater life for yourself through your experiences. 

The right statue:

The message is a reminder that your heart is the center of your world. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Your message is to allow yourself to love others. Even if it’s hard. Let your heart be available to the world around you. Your love is not only a gift to others, but it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Life after all is an empty one, when one does not know love. Remember that if you life with your heart full of love, the negativity surrounding you and the shadows among the emotionally wounded can not corrupt you if you are living full hearted with love. 

Called to both:

This is also a message that someone in the Spirit world is letting you know you can let go of anger and fear of being hurt. You are loved and supported but you need to find peace before it’s too late to change. Surrender your wounds and let love come in and take over. 

Thank you for taking part. I hope you enjoyed this intuition workout. 

Much love, 


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