Intuition workout: left or right crystal?

What has your intuition guided you to today? Are you drawn more to the crystal on the left? Or does the one on the right catch your attention more? Let’s find out what your intuition guided you to today. 

The Left crystal:

If you chose this crystal your intuition is trying to help you validate out the root conflicts of your progress, achievements, personal growth or financial growth. This could even be about goals. Choosing this crystal validated that those personal restrictions you have going on in your life that have a “start stop” feel, are not actually caused from anything external. In translation, situations around you are not affecting the outcomes. Bulked up energy in the body is. People, all people experience this from time to time. This is simply a validation that your physical self may feel it needs more purification of situations because there are energies not flowing optimally. Stress does trigger this, as does emotional wounding that we hold on to, and diet. Your message today: to make the changes you want to happen for yourself, you must let go of old wounds, nourish yourself and stay away from overly dramatic people. 

The Right crystal:

Your intuition is guiding you to do some work on your magnetic field aka aura. If you feel tired or drained for no real reason, it has something to do with your auric field being weakened. People who have negativity projected at them from wounded people that gossip, or are under attack from other wounded people filled with jealousy projecting on them, can feel the affects and actually experience their magnetic field being attacked or weakened. Situations in your life that cause set backs are mostly to do with your auric field being weakened. The way to strengthen your auric field is to balance your chakra systems daily. Get grounded daily. Eat foods that support your internal organs and stay away from consuming foods that put stress on your body. The more internal stress you have, the harder it is to have a healthy magnetic field around you. Carry aura treated crystals for protection. Also crystals like aegirine or petalite will help shield your magnetic field while your body repairs its energy defence field. This can take a lot of stress off. Remember everything you experience goes through your magnetic field first. Much like the earths atmosphere, it is extremely important in keeping you healthy and thriving. 

Thank you for taking part! I hope you enjoyed this intuition workout. 

Much love,


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