Intuition workout: elephant or dragon?

What is your intuition calling you to today? Are you drawn to the elephant? Or the dragon? 

Let’s find out what intuitive message you’ve guided yourself to today. 

The elephant:

Your message today is a validation that obstacles that have been in your path way are being cleared away. Things are aligning for you to go the direction you desire, the only catch is, you must have faith in yourself and the spirit around you. For those that chose this elephant that are waiting for financial abundance to show up, this is a symbol of financial wealth (big or small) on its way to you. Accept with gratitude and use as a stepping stone towards improving your life. Either through investment or to set in motion something that can grow in the future. Remember to invest in yourself. Your joy is the greatest abundance attractant. 

The dragon:

Big ideas and inspiration are available to you through your intuitive senses and minds eye. You are experiencing a “level up”  in your conscience awareness. Sometimes being a intelligent channel can be overwhelming, however, you are ready to see more, to know more and to live less inside the lines. Your Spirit invites you to set yourself free deep into the whimsical magic of life. Let your innocent curiosity take you into great wisdom. You are meant to explore the unseen, and the unseen is making itself known to you now. Don’t fear it. Embrace it. You were meant to be on this path. 

Thank you for taking part. I hope you enjoy this intuition workout! 

Much love,


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