Intuition Workout: Left or Right Card?

What card are you drawn to the most? Lets find out what message your intuition has guided you to today. Scroll below to see the revealed messages.

Left Card: Keep going but rest.

This oracle card is a reminder to you that even though you may be tired of waiting, or just warn out from life's repetitive let downs at times, you are so close to something great. Don't give up now on your goals or dreams. You are so close to a breakthrough, that if you give up now and stop dreaming big for yourself, you will end up being regretful. Just hang in there a little longer, something great is just a head. Make sure you take time for you to reset and give yourself healthy breaks from the everyday grind. You don't need to give up, you just need to take a break and soldier forward.

Right Card: Energy is energy.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING has an affect on you. Everything is energy that will either fuel you or drain you. This matters and is simply a rule of life. People can either fuel you or drain you. Your thoughts can either fuel or drain you. Food can either fuel or drain you. How you allow energy to either fuel or drain you is actually not as hard as it seems. Your intuition has guided you here to help you realize that there are some energy drains affecting you in your life. It is time to take care of you and your precious energy. Perhaps there are some small changes to your diet that will help you feel much better, or perhaps you need to put up some boundaries with people that drain you emotionally. Your energy is very important. Remember that you have the power and the ability to fuel or drain yourself energetically by what you are allowing to happen around you or what you consume on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking part! I LOVE using my own deck of cards to create these workouts for you! Check out my oracle called "Bad Day Oracle" and purchase your own deck here


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