Intuition workout: turtle or water?

What are you drawn to the most in this image? The turtle or the water? Let’s find out what message your intuition guided you to today. 

The turtle.

Choosing turtle brings you the message of finding your place in this world. Remember that home is not a destination, it’s a journey. A peace of mind and heart you feel within yourself. Home always calls you that’s why when we lose our way from our truth path, we often find ourselves searching. Perhaps the situations around you are not ideal, but when you find joy, you find home. 

The place in this world you are looking for is within yourself. You will find it and you will be happy. The best way to start that journey is to begin working on inner peace. 

The water.

Water is an element of emotion. Blue is the colour of communication. Turquoise blue is a colour of a healer. Choosing this water is a message from your soul saying “to heal these emotions, you must communicate”. The healing is in your words. Even if you need to tell yourself you are sorry or forgive yourself through words. Or to acknowledge another’s choice as a struggle they have going on within them. Remember that when people hurt us, usually it’s to do with something they have going on in them and not intended or thought out as an intentional wound on us. It’s ok to acknowledge that people can not see beyond their wounding. Including you. Healing the wounding however can be through clear communication from a loving forgiving place. 

Thank you for taking part in this intuition workout! I hope you enjoyed it! 

Much love,


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