Intuition workout: left or right?

Lets see what message your intuition guided you to today. What card would you pick up first? the one on the left or the one on the right? Your intuition will always guide you to the vibrational match first, before your mind gives you an opinion. So, lets see what vibe you needed today by scrolling below and seeing what message your intuition guided you to.

The LEFT card:

The message you have intuitively chose is about polarity. You are being reminded in every situation that there is both light and shadow. The situation that has you in a stuck flow of energy holds the vibration of shadow polarity. At times you may feel like there are doorways slamming in your face and emotionally you are working in overdrive. This is shadow work. the things you don't like or don't want to face are trying to come to light to bring balance and harmony to you energetically, emotionally and even physically. It is natural to want to fight emotions down, but remember, doing so is choosing a path of resistance.

Right now, you are simply being encouraged by your soul to illuminate your shadow side. step out of resistance and surrender to release of what you are afraid to face or acknowledge. let yourself have more room within for joy, light, dreams and success.

The RIGHT card:

You are guided to the tough love reminder that sometimes you don't know better and sometimes not acknowledging something is what messes up your own karma. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we don't know ourselves as much as we think we do and that often we don't know what is best for us. Sure disappointments, for sure they suck, but disappointment is simply us learning how to respond better to things we can not control.

The message here is to be accountable for your actions. It is our duty as a human being to be accountable for what we do, and often what we don't do, like overlooking something we don't want to do, or pretending we didn't see something happen. We all have to live with the choices we make. Your soul calls you to attention to live authentic, true and honest to yourself and be aware of how you act, behave or respond to situations around you.

Thank you for taking part in this FREE intuition training! I am thrilled to offer this intuitive workout using my very first published Oracle Deck called Bad Day Oracle. This deck features my work as a medium, but also my own photography, design and that's my horse Monty. She has been with me through the hardest parts of my healing journey. My wish for you is she brings you the medicine you need too.

Many blessings to you,

Kristy L. Kilik

Spiritual Medium / Author


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