Intuition workout: grass, dew or ladybug?

What are you most drawn to picking today? The grass? The dew? The ladybug? Pick what calls your attention, then scroll below to see what messages it has for you. Remember that you will always pick the vibrational match to what you need, it’s not based on what you want. This is because intuition guides us to the tools, lessons and information we need to evolve ourselves in situations emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. 

What did you pick?


If you chose grass, your intuition has guided you to the message about something that is going on internally. Perhaps your heart is a little sad, or you know you are missing something or someone. Perhaps your heart is a little afraid of changes going on and you are deeply longing for the stability of feeling nourishment in all aspects of your life. This is a good sign to pick because it means that your subconscious mind is trying to take better care of you in situations you may not have control of. This means your heart is taking the lead in your evolution of the journey you are on right now. 


If you chose dew, your intuition is guiding you to accept the need of an emotional detox. Perhaps you need to let some tears fall. Your intuition is helping you acknowledge you are doing some emotional healing. Be kind to yourself, allow yourself some downtime, but also some play time. Let yourself be emotional to release what needs to go, and fill that space back up with whimsy and fun. You deserve to receive this healing. Let it be so. 


If you chose ladybug, your intuition guided you to this as a message from loved ones that have crossed over. Ladybugs in nature are used as a sign from loved ones. This ladybug brings you the message from your loved one that you are seen, you are loved, you are supported and it is important for you to walk your own true path. You will always be supported and you will always have and be enough. 

If you chose all three

Your intuitive message is more of a reading. Your intuition guided you to receive this message from Spirit. “Your financial and personal stability will come. Emotions can be obstacles if you allow them to stop you from moving forward. You are being guided and aligned to what is for your greater good. Trust you will succeed.”

Thank you for taking part! Please share with others that like intuition workouts too!

Much love, 


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