Intuition workout: bunny or flowers?

Using your intuition, choose what you are drawn to most, the bunnies or the flowers. See what message it reveals for you below. 


If you chose bunny, your intuition is guiding you to the message of spirit animal medicine. Bunny is a messenger of fertility and creativity. Fertility could be of something new such as a new career, a new chapter in life, a new car, a new partner, anything that is being conceived into your reality that hasn’t existed before.  It is also a messenger which reminds us that we can scurry away to our own safety if we get out of our heads and put our self worth before all dangers. Bunny comes to you at a time you may need to hear that things in your life are not working. There are aspects that are harming your self worth and you must find a creative way to move yourself into a safer place. If that means you are at a battle with your thoughts of self, you could try mantra meditation, physical exercise with  meditation to balance the hormones in the body that cause many anxieties towards change, focus on changing habits that trigger you or that put you in harms way. Begin to accept that you are headed towards a big shift in yourself, the more you resist the inevitable, the harder adapting will be. 

The biggest message here your intuition guided you to, is to accept that you must move energies, thought patterns and wounded emotions out of you and begin accepting a more positive flow of joy, peace and happiness. 


If your intuition guided you to choose flowers, your message is about nourishment. You are guided to the message to be very aware of what you are filling yourself up with. Meaning, if you are filling up on people gossiping around you, or are not giving your body the right nutrients it needs, are ignoring signs and symptoms you are being guided to pay attention to what is happening because of this. This message is about your personal evolution to a higher conscious awareness. Pain and sickness, fatigue and anxiety are all symptoms of ascension as we learn to change our habits and adapt to our shift in conscious awareness. Becoming aware and implementing change allows the body, mind  and soul to heal and repair itself. 

Sometimes we can’t help it when people are gossiping in a work place, but we always can choose to participate or not. We always have control of what we do to ourselves and how we nourish ourselves. We are at a point in human evolution, where we must begin to take the way we fill ourselves energetically into very serious account. Energy creates your reality. That includes thoughts, emotions, actions, food, words, intentions. Your physical body is your vehicle that helps you travel through your reality you create by what you fill yourself up with. You only have this one vehicle in this life. Use it responsibly. 

Thank you for participating! Much love. 

- Kristy 

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