Intuition workout: red or gold?

Intuition guides us to messages every day. Everything is an Oracle if you take the moment to learn what it has to teach you. Colours, shapes, and light all mean something. It matches a frequency of what we are working on. Colours, for example are attractive to us based on how our chakras are working. Shapes are attractive to us based on what type of energy we have in our auric field. It all means something. 

Today let’s see what your intuition guided you to today. Pick a decorative ball and see what message it has for you. 


Your message is to stand up for your goals and desired achievements. It’s a validation that you have stability in your life, you just have to look through the right perspective that will help you achieve the greater good for yourself. If you feel like sometimes you are not seen completely and that you need to work really hard to get noticed, you have an energy flow to a Karmic lesson to sort out. Perhaps you just miss out on things and sometimes are at the wrong place at the wrong time, or happen to be extra lucky some days and struggling others, this is completely root chakra energy flow that’s a bit choppy. Work on balancing your root chakra and keep grounded. 


Your intuition guided you to the message about finding your truth. Sometimes the answers are not there, sometimes knowing what to do next is as simple as looking at your accomplishments with gratitude. We always try to get out of our past and look to a brighter future. What if your intuition was telling you to get back to right now for a minute and acknowledge who you are and have been in the past. Look at how you become who you are now. Everything about you is a special part of who you’ve become. Even the bad shit you don’t want anyone to know about. It’s all led you to right now. Take a moment to thank your younger self for all you’ve done for you. Remember that the worst version of yourself was the most pivotal of your evolution to the best you. 


This is a scattered intuitive message that you have Spirits all around you, guiding you. They are showing up as lights or stars you see at a glance. Your message is for you to remember that the foundation to a happy life will always be built in the light of your soul. 

Thank you for taking part!! 

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