Intuition workout: cookies or cocoa?

Using your intuition, pick a treat you are most drawn to today. Cookies or cocoa?

See what messages it has for you below. 


If you chose cookies today your message is to remember that you are capable and worthy of all your hearts desires. You do not need to settle on one thing forever. Be adventurous, courageous and willing to welcome your hearts desires into this physical world. When we worry over failure, judgement and doubt, we are actually self sabotaging the arrival of our dreams and wishes. Opportunities are like snowflakes, you can never catch the same one twice, and if the same opportunity comes around again, it’s pure miracle. 


If you chose cocoa, your message is a reminder that what others say, think or judge you for has nothing to do with you, and it is all about their own insecurities. In the cold world around you, know that the people that matter do see you, and do appreciate you. Even if they don’t tell you enough, or at all. You are seen, loved and appreciated. This message comes in as an interruption in your day today as a validation from your ancestors with the message you are not alone in this journey. You are supported and admired for your strength and courage. Continue with what’s right in your heart, and send love to those that don’t know any better than to point hostility and untruths at you. 

**in tradition cacao is used in ceremonies as a heart opener with ancestors. This choice is a validation your loved ones and ancestors are here supporting you** 

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