Intuition workout: art or artist

Intuition is a powerful tool. It helps us discover answers within ourselves that may not be so obvious to our conscious mind. Let’s see what your intuition led you to see today. 

Choose art or artist and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 


You have been guided to the reminder that you are what you create. Your life is your canvas and you have the power to create anything you wish. Every tiny detail about you creates a whole picture of you. Perhaps you have an idea in your mind that is a dream or a fantasy you wish you could have. This is a powerful message for you that you can have your desires if you believe and allow yourself to. Today is a wonderful day to have a do-over. To look at the image of things that didn’t work so well, and find a happier solution. You may need to get creative, but today is a wonderful day to re-evaluate the image you want to see yourself as. (Don’t worry what others see, no one outside understands the masterpiece as it’s being created), you are your own masterpiece. Be who you want to be and let it exist in you. 


Time to get serious now. In our society, when things go wrong, or are challenging many people turn to prayer asking God to help them. So often people don’t know what to do in situations, and end up doing nothing in hopes that someone or something will intervene and help do the work. Your message is that you are either surrounded by people that are struggling with what to do, or are yourself struggling with what to do. Your message is that God/source works through you. You are the answered prayer. You are the hands and feet that are able to help create a resolution. The answer is to see all situations in a neutral perspective and know you are guided to do the best you can as long as you don’t lose your effort. 

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