Intuition workout: heart or flowers?

It is so important to have a strong intuition. Everyone can strengthen their intuition and live an abundant life. Intuition guides you to make choices that you need to evolve and grow. We fight change sometimes which leads us astray from learning things the easy way. Our human stubbornness is the cause of challenges we face in our daily lives. Intuition guides us through, matching us up with situations, things and even people that match up with what’s happening inside of us. Intuition never stops working. It helps us choose what we need so we can “get it” as a life lesson and move forward in a conscious evolution of the souls maturity. 

Let’s see what your intuition has guided you to see today. Choose heart or flowers and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 


It is safe to follow your heart. Even though your heart has been broken and the scars have not yet healed, it is important to remember that the remedy of healing a broken heart is to let love in. You can let love in by allowing people to become closer to you, by caring about others without conditions and by connecting deeply with your soul and begin living your dreams. These things are all the greatest medicine of all times. Love heals all wounds of the past and love gets us through the wounds of the future. Nothing is meaningful if it doesn’t have love driving the force. You are worthy to feel unconditionally, full heartedly. You are love, you are loved, you create love. 


There is nothing more noble or rewarding than appreciating where you are in life. Even if it seems impossible or far from your goals, seeing yourself in appreciation of who you have become because of your experiences and seasonings of life’s challenges is the greatest invitation of an abundant filled life. Even if you can see more of yourself that you don’t like, be grateful towards your self awareness that you can see what you have the power to change. If you can’t change the desired outcome physically, appreciate your creativity and ability to be adaptable to change your perspective and make the best of what you have to work with. Life is way to short to complain about what’s not working. See the beautiful being you truly are with all the gifts life has given you and step into your life of abundance through the lens of gratitude. You deserve it. 

Thank you for taking part! Was your choice accurate for what you needed to hear today? 

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