Intuition workout: bird or hand?

Intuition connects you to your creator, to your loved ones in spirit, and to source of all things in your surroundings. Everyone has intuition. It’s one of the reasons human beings have survived. Intuition counterbalances our ego and keeps us peaceful. Intuition is truth, it’s the information we receive energetically. Our minds may interpret it through our ego and get it mixed up sometimes, but the more you trust your intuition, the more you live in your truth.  “Gut feelings” are literally intuitive energy. Information yet to be consciously examined and analyzed. Source works dieectly through intuition. The trick is, can you trust the truth or does your ego self sabotage? 

Let’s see what your intuition led you to see today. Pick what draws your attention from the image and read what messages it has for you below. 


If you chose the bird, you are receiving a message from your loved on in the Spirit World. The message is that they are at peace and they are with God/Source. The pitches you’ve been hearing in your ears and or the extra static you’ve had lately have been caused from them stepping into your magnetic field (aura). The message they are giving you today is to be patient and kind on yourself. You need to find inner peace. Make it a priority to do so. 

(To learn what loved one is in your magnetic field giving you this message, simply trust the name or thought of the first person(s) that came to you instantly. Intuition is extremely fast. Ego will talk you out of believing it’s true. Ego is slow and analytical) 


If you chose hand the message for you comes through source. The voice and actions of God work through you. Your message is that it’s okay to take responsibility for creating the life you so desire. Often the thing you want most cost nothing. You are supported in your human evolution here on this Earth, however remember that God lives through you not for you. You live as a teacher and student of unconditional love. Release hate, fear, worries and judgment as it’s not what you are here to do. The opportunity and means will be there for you if you just begin the process towards your desires and trust the unconditional love of source works through you, not to you. 

** this translates to “don’t treat God like a Santa clause like many people do. Lead by example of unconditional love” 

Thank you for taking part! How did you do? Did you pick what you needed? 

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