Intuition workout: left or right?

What has your intuition guided you to stumble upon today? 

Everything in life is like an Oracle. Everything means something. Everything has an intention and a purpose. Just like you. Your intuition guides you to what you need. You always pick what you need to experience to evolve and grow. Even bad choices hold an important purpose in the evolution of you. 

So let’s see what you’ve been guided to today. Pick a “snowman” and read what messages it has for you below. 

Snowman Left:

Your intuition is guiding you to remember that life is evolutionary. Nothing can or will stay the same. We change and grow and sometimes out grow things that are important or favoured by us. Your intuition is telling you to be aware of your own growth. Just like this sock was just a sock. Who would ever have thought this sock would be anything more. But now it’s a snowman. Just like your evolution. You are more than you know you are right now. Much more. You must allow yourself to be more than what you know and stand humbly but aware of your accomplishments and welcome what is yet to come. 

Snowman Right:

Your intuition is telling you it’s ok to let people in. Not everyone has the capability to disappoint you or hurt you. It’s okay to soften. Even if you feel more vulnerable than you’d like to let yourself be, someone is willing to be there for you. It might not be the people you think should be there for you, but they will be the people who you need to to be there for you. Sometimes the people that we want to see our wounds and support us through technically can’t. People can’t see what they don’t understand, or don’t know. To those, It doesn’t exist in a very innocent way. Don’t let others inability to understand wound your ability to find healed space within yourself. You deserve to feel joy and peace. Surround yourself with people that do support you. 

Thank you for taking part. If you enjoy intuition workouts, please let me know! Share with others that enjoy intuition strengthening too! 

Many blessings to you,


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