Intuition workout: pick a rosehip

Your intuition is a powerful tool. No matter what is happening in your life, your intuition will always guide you to pick what you need. Even if it’s not what you want. Life has the default setting of evolution. Every experience your intuition guides you to is in harmony with the life lessons you are currently working through. Sometimes you are aware of it, and sometimes you may feel like you are struggling to understand. No matter what, your intuition is guiding you to help you learn and evolve your soul. Your intuition is the gps to your souls contracts and lessons you are working to fulfill. 

Pick a rosehip, and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

#1 the message for you today is about priority. In the coming days or weeks, be mindful that you do deserve to be recognized for your efforts, however the important question you must ask yourself is “do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” . The bottom line in any situation you are facing comes with a golden rule that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but they also have their truth. Just as you would like to be respected, sometimes the best solution to all problems is to let go of what you can’t change and agree to disagree. Being right in a relationship means someone has to be wrong. Remember how it feels when someone thinks you are wrong. Do you want to make someone else feel that way? Probably not. The best practice for you is to know your truth and let it be known, respectfully. The rest will resolve itself in time. 

2. You don’t have to feel like you are the second fiddle. You are far more accomplished than you can see in yourself 

Right now. Even though some days can feel a bit heavy and you are not completely seen or recognized for all you do, you are more accomplished in the minds and hearts of others than you know.  Continue being motivated by your desires. More than you think you can handle is heading your way. You have the work ethic and creativity to accomplish anything. Believe in yourself. Others believe in you. Your intuition is trying to teach you to appreciate yourself for what you can accomplish. You don’t need others to give you praise to know your accomplishments. A job well done is most rewarding when it is self gratifying. 

3. Time to let your imagination run wild! Your intuition is guiding you to tell you not to be a “grumpy ol prude”. It’s okay to be adventurous and be messy. It’s okay to have fun and be a brat in awkward situations. Life is far to short deprive yourself of its novelties. You were born to experience life. Sometimes you need to buy the shoes, or take a “sick” day. Sometimes the best medicine for the soul is to take the time to experience what your mind tells you to miss out on. You are being guided to be adventurous. Take the class, or buy the outfit. Put yourself in priority by letting your soul speak to you. Get out of your head and let your Spirit take the lead. 

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