Intuition workout: what did you pick?

Using your intuition, pick an item you feel drawn to. Scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. Candle

If you chose this candle, you are beginning something in your life that interconnects you to much more than just yourself. You are engageing your time here on this earth for the greater good of all. The message you have intuitively been guided to today is a reminder that no matter what you do in this lifetime, you are always connected to something greater. You are always a part of all that exists and all you do is meaningful and purposeful. All you do is important and all part of a greater plan. 

2. Treasure chest

If you chose the chest, you are actively seeking something more in your life. Your intuition is inviting you to step into the unknown and find what excites you. Allow yourself to submerge into a project, or an activity that fuels your soul. That is your true gold. Peace, joy, enlightenment. Sometimes when you chase after the “things” in life and follow less of your feelings, you find yourself feeling empty. You deserve to be happy and rich in joy and peace. Say yes to the treasures your soul is trying to lead you to by simply saying yes to what brings you joy. 

3. Dragon

If you chose dragon, you are summoning power and strength within you. You are very guarded of your truth and are intuitively being directed to honour your truths within yourself. Perhaps you are hoping or praying for luck to be on your side, perhaps you are ready to be out with the old and in with the new, and are needing strength to carry you through changes. Your message is validation that no matter what, things will always work out for what you need. You are stronger than you think and your strength will bring you great success always. On a side note, dragon is a symbol of luck. Luck is aligning to you. 

4. Crystal

If you chose this crystal, you are needing to feel like your finances are secure and protected. If you are taking risks and are trying to better your life, this crystal calls to you because it is citrine with an aura treatment which have the properties of safe and secure finances. 

The message your intuition has guided you to today is to trust that abundance is on its way to you in a more even flow if you get your mind out of “lack”. Believe all is well and spend less time worrying. All worry does is create blockages or holes in your flow. Relax, All is good. 

Thank you for taking part! Please tell your friends about these intuition workouts, and help them enjoy them too! 


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