Intuition workout: what calls to you?

What does your intuition call you to today? What messages do you need today?

Pick an item you are drawn to, and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. Remember that intuition does not give you what you want. The gift of intuition is, it can only give you what you need. 


Spirit vine. You are needing to see the gifts that bad situations bring to you. The medicine or resolution you are seeking at this time comes from within you. Your seeking for answers and guidance that are within yourself, you just need to believe there is good in all situations and you have the ability to see them. Spirit vine is a plant medicine of the indigenous medicine “B. Caapi”.  This is a powerful plant medicine that is calling to you with the message to liberate yourself by seeing more of the picture. See beyond limitations. Believe you are more than your worries and fears. It is time to evolve your mind, soul and spirit. 


Geode. Never judge a book by its cover...... So you are not seen in this world for who you truly are. Thats ok, as long as you know who you are. Your intuition is guiding you to make sure you do not lose yourself to the false illusion our society expects you to be or perceives you as. There are people that love you unconditionally (some secretly) for your  true inner being. Right now there are people a bit confused with who you are showing them you are. Maybe you’ve lost yourself a little in the judgment of others. Give yourself permission to crack that shell and see your true self. The world is waiting for you. 


Malachite. If you chose malachite, there is a profound motherly energy wrapping her love around you today. There is much healing to be done in the Devine feminine of yourself. You are supported to do this work, by your ancestors and loved ones in spirit. You are encouraged by your loved ones in spirit, through your intuitive guidance to seek healing. This could be through classes, self help books or even practitioners that are specific to your needs. It’s time to mend what’s hurting, and to find what you have never been able to feel by healing what is numb in the broken places of your heart. You are healing wounds of your ancestors, not just your own. The wounds that have been passed onto you. You are supported, guided and loved. It’s okay to begin the healing journey. 


Kyanite. If you chose Kyanite, your emotions are keeping you off balance. This choice is like calling an emotional tow truck. You are needing to let some things go, so you can align to peace and contentment in your physical self. It’s hard to let hurt feelings rest, or betrayal to wash away. However, there is something emotionally that has you stuck that creates the off balance in your life. Physical symptoms can occur like ears ringing, and vertigo. Sore throat or a tickle in the throat that will not go away. This is all emotional blockages turned into physical problems. Take a moment today to look at your emotions that  are not of your highest good. What emotions are hurting you. Give yourself permission to let them go. You deserve more than emotional discomfort. You deserve joy. 

*** please note, there is a specific person that picked 4 whom has a loved one in spirit that welded (as a welder or a hobby) in their lifetime. Your message is “I love you, I am right here”


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