Intuition workout: pick a candle

I had so much fun making these skull candles as a FREE Halloween treat in my October “All the things” Subscription packages. Each of the candles I made are with intent of colour therapy each subscriber needs. I enjoyed matching the colours so much I felt the intuition workout would be just as fun! I hope you enjoy!

Pick a colour you are drawn to. See below what messages it has for you!

1. Teal green

If you chose this candle you are working on understanding how to find healing for yourself. Perhaps you are drawn to different things that are new to you like types of music, foods, books, television programs, and even the company you keep may be shifting. This candle is for someone that is learning how to speak their truth from the heart. Most likely a challenge to do after a lifetime of being behind a mask of the expectations of others or society in general. This is a choice aligned to someone that needs to do some speaking from their heart. 

Some people that chose this are likely experiencing high heart activation in their chakra system which can feel like flutters in the chest. 

2. Purple

If you chose purple you are doing some detoxing. Letting go of the old and welcome the new. You are likely receiving messages from the animal kingdom as totem messages. Nature may be either very attractive or frustrating. Depending on how much peace you feel inside you may feel extreme contentment with the fast flow of energy and be attracted to it, or it may be overwhelming if you have too much cluttering your mind. In some cases you may experience both feelings in one day. You are opening up to a new frequency of conscious awareness. Be gentle on yourself as you experience changes emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

3. Red

The missing ingredient in the things you are trying to achieve is feeling like you are safe right now. Trust that things will work out no matter what. To complete the circuit of your desires to come full circle to you, bring your thoughts to  what you have to be grateful for now. Focus of positive growth with what you know and allow yourself to welcome what comes without judgment or fear of failure. I know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes the biggest set back we have keeping us from achieving our goals is our inability to ground and anchor our achievements into our reality. You can have all of your desires, you just have to remember to feel and experience what you have right now. 

4. Silver

Time to roll up your sleeves and move some mountains. What once seemed impossible for you is now possible. You are about to learn that you are very powerful and gifted in many ways. New found passion is on its way to you, aligning you to your own spiritual truths. At times, when your stars align, if you are being true to yourself, it can feel like you are a super hero that can do pretty much anything you desired. It’s true you can. You are just beginning to learn that it’s true, you really are super human when you gift this world your authenticity. 

Thank you for taking part! Check out my subscription packages to receive free gifts like one of these Halloween candles! 

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