Intuition workout: pick a squash

Let’s check your intuitiveness. These are squash in my garden. Each one has a specific vibe that resonates a message that you can intuitively best match yourself to. Do you trust your choice? 

The trick is, I have set an intention. So not only have you the vibe of the squash, your intuition can align to intentions like an oracle card. In fact that’s exactly why you pick your oracle cards as you do, because your vibe matches the intention behind it. 

So let’s do this! Pick a squash and scroll below to see what messages it has for you. 

1. If you chose number one, you are ready to make some changes in your life. Experience has treated you well from the past, but you’ve also grown some scars. Your subconscious is automatically looking for a high point in your situations to evaluate risks from a vantage point, and take the leap of faith into a new perspective. Perhaps you’ve spent some time stuck and recently have had to ask for help outside of your comfort zone. You are learning to strive for more of a simplistic fulfilment and learning to be happy with who you are, always with gratitude. That is a fantastic goal to have. 

2. So you have a little anxiety sometimes. Perhaps you are most comfortable in small groups or away from any conflict. One thing for certain is you have a brilliant heart that is desired by many for your approval and unconditional love. People look up to you for your ability to be so caring and nurturing but also because your unique style is something others admire and wish they had. However, the image others see sometimes makes you feel that people truly don’t see the real you. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes because vulnerability is too tender on your caring heart. You likely do feel judged even though the judging you feel is a projection of envy of sorts, and perhaps even some jealousy, your image of perfection is well held in the public eye, when you let yourself be seen. You are meant to stand out. Don’t be shy, let you light shine. 

3. You are well protected at all times, and are able to feel safe and secure in most of your choices and decisions. However that can place you in the center of attention and sometimes drama can easily find you. Remember that you can never be too comfortable when it comes to the way things are. People create conflict around the illusion of people that have it too easy which can bare scars on you. You can be the center of attention or the focus of your social setting and not engage in drama that comes around. Change the tone and avoid reactions to the muggles when they come around. Keep Believing in yourself and it will set the stage for others to learn by your example. 

4. The magical one that connects to angels. You are drawn to spirit and spirit is drawn to you. Sometimes you may feel like you are an outsider, and perhaps it’s just easier to accept that as it is. However, you have special gifts and a purpose on this earth that are spiritually based. You are enchanted by realms most people can’t even dream about. Sprinkle your magic everywhere you go. The world needs more of you. 

Thank you for taking part and picking one of my squashes! I hope you enjoyed this intuition workout. 

If you want to expand your intuition more, and learn more from me, check out my Evolce Classes! 


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